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By TPCI | August 19, 2019

Fed up of carrying a heavy bag of guilt while you feed your growling belly with some daily junks? Not to worry. Say hi to a new alternative to fried-unhealthy snacks; the invigorating munchies, which are only a whole lot healthier! We are talking about Munchilicious Desi-Twist Granola, which is soon to be on your plates.

Embodying the namkeen andaaz of India, this desi mix of healthy granola with some “chatpata” aromatic flavours is a powerful savoury snack! According to Mr. Rohit Pugaliya, the owner of the brand Munchilicious, Granola is a wholesome ingredient packed up with lots of nutrition, but it still remains something which is not very famous among the Indian community. Thus, giving it a tinge of desi flavours, Munchilicious rightly justifies the product’s name name as “Desi Twist”. Prepared using handpicked ingredients such as nuts, seeds and oats, this non-fried masaledaar dish adds the perfect zing to your taste buds.

For a healthy small serving of these granolas with your evening cuppa, take Munchilicios Desi-twist Granola, along with Green chutney and Imli Chutney. Also, sprinkle some fine chopped onion on the preparation and pep it up with a dash of lime. Mix all the ingredients well in the bowl and garnish it with fresh coriander.

Whether you want to take it with chai or want to munch on it while chilling on your one of your unmissable Netflix seasons, this nature-delivered and man-perfected granola is a delicious way to satisfy those nasty carb cravings. So, for all those who thought granola is bland and boring, you are in for a pleasant surprise!