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By TPCI | August 12, 2019

India is known for its rich profusion of Curries since eras. With a mélange of spices used in various recipes of the indigenous curry forms, this traditional Indian dish serves as a treasure and food heritage for the country. Ranging from veg to non-veg, these curries are delectable & even invigorating in all the variants.

Appending the rich curry list that India boasts of, GoodDot, a leading aficionado of meat alternatives in India, has come up with an idea of a galangal ready-to-eat, Indian-styled Green Thai Curry.

Good Dot brings authentic Thai flavors in a conventional ready-to-eat format. With carefully selected traditional ingredients, combined with cutting edge plant-based protein bites, these 100% vegetarian meats are actually vegan and are sure to sweep you off your feel!

This green curry has the bright flavors of some savory Thai basil, lemongrass and aromatic galangal a member of ginger family which is grown ingenuously in India. A lovely balance of flavours and a smooth gravy, with baby corn and the innovative protein-rich vegan bites by GoodDot, characterize this fantastic creation.

With zero trans-fatty acids and cholesterol, these acclaimed Thai Curries are a Go ahead experience with some seriously lip smacking flavours. Besides, these curries are shelve stable meaning that they don't need any refrigeration and thus are easier for exports. 

Thought of to be launched, primarily in the domestic market, GoodDot plans to give this product a way to Dubai, Canada, and markets of Nepal, shortly.

GoodDot is an Indian firm developing and manufacturing innovative protein-rich vegan food. Using special technology developed in-house, they turn grain and plant proteins into products that look and taste like meat, but are 100% vegetarian and vegan. These products are affordable and provide nutritious alternatives to meat, while being nutritious, animal-friendly and environment-friendly.