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By TPCI | July 22, 2019

Almost all of us are fond of snacks. Comfortable to munch and easy to carry, snacks are those quick picks which never fail to entice our taste palates. However, its intake is generally associated with a guilt factor which remains almost inevitable. What if, this guilt of health-ignorance, dissipates?

Making your snacky shots a healthy affair, IPSO Agro Foods, has ideated a range of super-food chips and snacks named “Nutri Sense”. These nutritious chips offer you a healthy amalgamation of super-foods as oats, flax seeds, quinoas with a tinge of subtle salty savour.

Unlike the conventional packed foods which people have been relishing since forever, these short time meals have oats and quinoa contents as high as 45-55%. Since the Nutri Sense chips are roasted, the oil content in the product is minimal i.e. 9%. With no additives, preservatives and colours, Nutri Sense is a complete natural ready to eat food.

Enjoying a welcoming response in USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany and India, Nutri Sense is expected to be launched in Australia and Canada shortly, thereby making the globe healthier! IndusFood is happy to associate with IPSO Agro Foods.