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By TPCI | August 1, 2019

With health and environmental concerns leading to a shift away from meat consumption, there’s now a growing attraction towards meat alternative diet, globally. But are the nutrients of meat exactly replaceable? What if you get the proteins of meat without negatives? Imagine, if plants can taste like meat and give you all nutrients! This is how “Good dot” is transforming the food we eat. By providing meat lovers a healthy escape, Good Dot’s hot selling ‘Vegetarian Bytz’ a plant-based ‘mock meat’ product, imitates the taste and texture of the real thing.

This pseudo meat product comes in a vacuum-sealed packet that contains pre-cooked strips of vegetarian ‘meat’. Slightly harder in texture, these fake meats hit your palate exactly as the boneless mutton does. Besides, being piquant, this succulent product, with high nutritional profile, is also keto-friendly.

Did you know a 100 g serving of real mutton has 21g of fat and 97mg of cholesterol? By replacing meat in your meals with Vegetarian Bytz, you will cut your fat intake by 80%. Also, Veg Bytz has NO cholesterol!

As an interesting fact, unlike other global brands currently present in the market, these exclusive Indian healthy bytes need no refrigeration, thereby cutting its freight charges and making it more competitive at the global platform. To your surprise, this product, indigenous to India, is gaining global demand as it is the only product that either has a price parity with meat products or is even cheaper. Other global players provide mock meats at a price way too high than their meat counterpart. Thus, the taste, affordability and the shelf stability at room temperature of these products make them unique and distinctive.

The ‘exclusives’ of Vegetarian Bytz cannot be ended with a full-stop here! Worth mentioning, many at times, mock meat products produced outside India do not fit into the Indian Cuisine. Adding to its USPs, these Indian pioneer of vegetarian meat, are the only ones in the world which are so versatile to fit not only into the Indian cuisine but also to any cuisine across the globe.  

These ready to use fake meats are just a scissor away to make delicious kababs, tikkas, sizzlers, biryani or curries. Each packet comes in 250 g of comfortable and attractive packaging.

Countries outside India are importing affordable and nutritious ‘Vegetarian Bytz’ and are switching to a healthier yet tasty diet. When are you changing your minds?