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By TPCI | August 26, 2019

Hungry for your evening snacks but fed up with ingesting all kinds of junk into your belly? Stay relaxed… Munchilicious, a brand creating healthy variants of Granola, is here to satisfy your daily munchy urges.

With growing attempts to create awareness towards products with gluten borne health hazards, brands are coming up with various products which are healthy and yet delectable. In an array of healthy food production, Soch Foods LLP has also taken a plunge into the race. Under its brand, Munchilicious, the Mumbai-based start-up has ideated and launched grain-free versions of their flagship Granola products.

This vegan mixture of raw goodness in the form of an energising power-packed snack is entirely grain-free and thus gets its moniker “Grain-Free Granola”. With a perfect melange of nuts, fruits and seeds, the product has a subtle blend of sweet and a bit of spice. Thus, with no addition required and best enjoyed in its pure form, the wholesome yet palatable snack innovation can be an addiction to anybody. Effortless, delicious, nutritious and fulfilling; this gluten-free delicacy is packed with around 91% nuts, fruits & seeds and is the perfect comfort food for all “food” swings.

So, the next time you take a skip from your hectic schedule at your work station and have your stomach really growling for food, grab some “Grain-fee Granola“ and add a zing of taste & health to your cafe-time!