India Global Culinary Exchange

India Global Culinary Exchange is an ultimate stage for presenting the finest in Indian cuisine to the world, fostering collaboration, and elevating the global footprint of Indian F&B products.

Indusfood 2024 is set to host the ‘India Global Culinary Exchange,’ a gathering of culinary visionaries. Around 30 distinguished global chefs will converge, creating an exclusive space for direct engagement with professionals from the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering sector.

Participating Chefs

Categories in Focus

Indian Ready-To-Eat

Indian Ready-To-Cook

Indian Desserts

Frozen Food Products

Unlocking Opportunities

At the heart of the event are dynamic 30-minute culinary sessions. Selected exhibitors, accompanied by their chefs, business development teams, and assistants, will conduct live cooking and consumer plating demonstrations in a fully equipped, live kitchen atmosphere.

In this culinary exploration, we highlight the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering (HORECA) sector—a pivotal touchpoint where businesses connect with consumers, creating memorable culinary experiences.

Why Participate

Your participation opens doors to a multitude of benefits:

  • Showcase: Present your culinary range to 30 top international hotel chains.
  • Collaborate: Engage in discussions for joint ventures to develop Indian cuisine tailored for key markets.
  • Explore: Tap into the lucrative HORECA segment in key global markets.
  • Feature: Secure a spot for your product on the menus of esteemed hotel chains worldwide.
  • Exposure: Get exclusive branding during the session

How to Register?

To be a part of this culinary extravaganza, confirm your interest by December 22, 2023. Simply complete the attached Expression of Interest (EOI) form and submit it to secure your spot at this unparalleled event.

Contact Details

For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to contact our team for prompt and dedicated assistance.

Bhanu Kumar Vashishtha

M: +91 9205883423 | E:

Ayshu Bhardwaj

M: +91 7042109616 | E: ​

Exhibitor's Enquiry Form

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